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Advanced Excel Classroom Training in NYC

Advance your career with this essential course for professionals that use Excel daily. You'll make functions more flexible, take Pivot Tables to the next level, and automate tasks with macros. Utilize Excel's most important tools with training in core database functions. If you have strong working knowledge in Excel and want to save even more time with custom shortcuts and advanced features, this is the perfect course for you. 

This course is part of our Excel Bootcamp. Enroll in our three-course package and save 15%.

Prerequisites: Attendees must have Excel proficiency equivalent to our Intermediate Excel course, including VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, and IF functions.

Class Notes: A PC or Mac will be provided, and the instructor will be presenting on a PC.

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$209 7 Hours PC provided 185 Madison Avenue, NYC In-person classroom training

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Sep 3 Tuesday, 10am–5pm
Sep 4–5 Wed–Thu, 6–9pm
Sep 12 Thursday, 10am–5pm
Sep 14 Saturday, 10am–5pm
Sep 24 Tuesday, 10am–5pm
Oct 4 Friday, 10am–5pm
Oct 7–8 Mon–Tue, 6–9pm
Oct 13 Sunday, 10am–5pm
Oct 16 Wednesday, 10am–5pm
Oct 28 Monday, 10am–5pm
Nov 6–7 Wed–Thu, 6–9pm
Nov 7 Thursday, 10am–5pm
Nov 9 Saturday, 10am–5pm
Nov 19 Tuesday, 10am–5pm
Dec 4 Wednesday, 10am–5pm
Dec 9–10 Mon–Tue, 6–9pm
Dec 15 Sunday, 10am–5pm
Dec 16 Monday, 10am–5pm
Jan 3 Friday, 10am–5pm
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What You'll Learn

  • What-if Analysis: Goal Seek & Data Tables
  • Advanced cell locking
  • Create more flexible lookup functions with INDEX-MATCH
  • Advanced Pivot Table techniques
  • Record relative and absolute macros
  • Advanced nested functions
  • Work without a mouse using Hot Keys

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

Cell Management

Advanced Cell Locking

  • Create powerful formulas by locking either the column or the row

Hot Keys

  • Transform the ribbon into a visual listing of pre-assigned shortcuts


  • Techniques and keyboard shortcuts to allow editing of active windows

Cell Auditing

  • Observe the relationship between formulas and cells

Special Formatting

Date functions

  • Calculate dates with a variety of functions

Conditional Formatting-Formulas

  • Create custom rules for Conditional Formatting with formulas

Advanced Functions

Nested IF statements

  • Nested "IF" statements allow for more than just two possibilities in a single cell

IF statements with AND/OR

  • Expand the functionality of the IF function by adding an AND / OR criteria

What If Analysis

Goal Seek

  • Find the desired result by adjusting an input value

Data Tables

  • Data Tables show the range of effects of one or two different variables on a formula

Advanced Analytical Tools

Data Consolidation

  • Summarize data from separate ranges and consolidate into a specified output range

Conditional SumProduct

  • Use SumProduct with conditions to exclude data that does not meet certain criteria

Pivot Table-Calculations

  • Create calculated rows or columns in a Pivot Table that go beyond the source data

Pivot Charts

  • Create dynamic, graphical representations of Pivot Table data

Advanced Database Functions

MATCH function

  • Return the relative position (column or row number) of a lookup value


  • Create a more accurate VLookUp by enhancing the determination of the Column Index number


  • Efficiently return a value or reference from a cell at the intersection of the row and column


  • Use a second Match function to create a powerful, two-way lookup tool

Introduction to Macros

Recording Macros

  • Record Macros that involve formatting and calculations

Relative Macros

  • Record relative reference macros for ad-hoc reporting

End of Class Project


  • End of class project to review key concepts from the class

Advanced Excel Classes NYC

Hands-on Advanced Excel Training Courses in NYC

Are you an Excel power user with knowledge of Pivot Tables and VLOOKUP? Do you use Excel daily for work and professional needs? If so, NYIM’s Advanced Excel Course will help you take your skills to the next level. In the advanced Microsoft Excel course, you will learn how to:

  • Apply pre-assigned shortcuts to accelerate your workflow
  • Build upon your knowledge of Pivot Tables with Pivot Charts
  • Implement the MATCH function with VLOOKUP and INDEX
  • Automate formatting and calculations tasks with macros

In Advanced Excel for Business, you’ll learn automation and shortcut techniques to apply to Excel’s most advanced features like Pivot Tables. The course includes training on recording macros to perform repetitive Excel tasks in a single click. At the end of the course, you’ll complete a course project that you can demo to current and prospective employers to demonstrate your new skill set. 

More Advanced Excel Classes at NYIM

Our advanced classes are perfect for those with knowledge of basic techniques including formatting, charts, basic formulas and functions, and absolute cell references, as well as intermediate-level concepts, including VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, and intermediated functions such as SUMIFS and IF. For more information on the required prerequisite knowledge, see our Excel Fundamentals and Intermediate Excel course pages.

Don’t quite meet the prerequisites but want to become an advanced Excel user? Did you forget how to use core Excel functions like Pivot Tables and VLOOKUP? Get a refresher on Microsoft Excel functions and gain master Advanced Excel in our Excel bootcamp. The Advanced MS Excel class is part of our Excel for Business Bootcamp. Take our three Excel for Business classes and get a 15% package discount. Sign up for the Excel Bootcamp!

Which Advanced Excel course should I take?

We offer four advanced Excel courses.

Advanced Excel for Business builds off Intermediate Excel and teaches the advanced Excel features most commonly used by business professions today. Make your lookup functions more flexible by adding MATCH to VLOOKUP and using INDEX and MATCH together; expand Pivot Tables with Pivot Charts and other advanced features; create nested functions including nested IFS and IF with AND/OR; utilize advanced analytical tools; and write basic macros with the macro recorder to automate repetitive tasks.

For those looking to further automate tasks and create custom commands, enroll in our Excel Programming with VBA course. This two-day bootcamp covers the essentials of Excel’s programming language.

Working in finance or starting a position as a financial analyst? We offer two advanced Excel courses, Advanced Excel for Finance and our Financial Modeling Bootcamp. 

Advanced Excel Classes in NYC + Free Training Videos

  • Gain real-world value that you can apply on the job
  • Reinforce learning with practice exercises after each course section
  • Solidify your new skills with a cumulative project at the end of class
  • Get free access to our premium Advanced Excel video suite
  • Retake the course free within six months