Advance your career with this essential course for professionals that use Excel daily. You'll make functions more flexible, take Pivot Tables to the next level, and automate tasks with macros. Utilize Excel's most important tools with training in core database functions. If you have strong working knowledge in Excel and want to save even more time with custom shortcuts and advanced features, this is the perfect course for you. 

This course is part of our Excel Bootcamp. Enroll in our three-course package and save 15%.

Class Note: A PC or Mac will be provided for use during class. The instructor will present on a PC but will explain the differences for Mac students.

warning-standard-solid This course has a prerequisite

Attendees must have Excel proficiency equivalent to our Intermediate Excel course, including VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, and IF statements.

What You'll Learn

  • What-if Analysis: Goal Seek & Data Tables
  • Advanced cell locking
  • Create more flexible lookup functions with INDEX-MATCH
  • Advanced Pivot Table techniques
  • Record relative and absolute macros
  • Advanced nested functions
  • Work without a mouse using Hot Keys