Hypothesis Testing Using SPSS

SPSS Statistical Analysis Training

In this course, you will learn how to carry out a selection of hypothesis tests using the statistical analysis software package SPSS.

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The Concept of Hypothesis Testing

The Chi Square Test

The t Test for independent samples

The Paired t Test

The Mann Whitney Test

The Wilcoxon Test

The ANOVA Test

Correlation & Regression

Hypothesis Testing Using SPSS

SPSS Training

When faced with a dataset, you often need to draw inferences about a population. For example, is there a significant difference between two groups? Is a value higher than expected?

These types of question can be answered by carrying out hypothesis tests. In this course you will learn how to carry out a selection of these using the statistical analysis software package SPSS.

In virtually every field of work, the need to be confident and competent in analysing data and drawing conclusions is extremely useful. This course will help you develop those skills using SPSS, which is a statistical package widely used in business, industry, government, commerce and the education and health sectors.


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