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PowerPoint: Set Up a Company Template with a Custom Color Theme

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In this exercise, you'll learn how to set up a template with your company's logo and colors.

Inserting a Company Logo

1. In PowerPoint, go to File > New Presentation (Mac) or File > New > Blank Presentation (Windows) to create a new project.

2. In the View tab, click the Slide Master button.

3. Click on the top slide on the left.

4. Click on the Insert tab.

5. In the Insert tab, click the Pictures button. Mac users then need to choose Picture from File.

6. Choose your company logo. (If you don't have one, navigate into the yourname-PowerPoint 2016 class files and from the Source folder choose noble-logo-n-only.png.)

Creating a Color Theme Based on the Logo Colors

1. Click back on the Slide Master tab.

2. In the Background section, click the Colors button to bring up the Theme Colors menu.

3. Click on Customize Colors.

4. Click on the Accent 1 swatch.

5. Windows only: From the menu, choose More Colors.

6. When the Colors panel (Mac) or Colors dialog (Windows) comes up, click on the Eyedropper to sample a color from the logo.

  • Windows users: You may not have an Eyedropper. If you don't, just move on to the next step.

7. We want to sample a color from the logo, so make sure you can see it. You may need to move the dialog.

8. Move the Eyedropper over the first color you want to sample (if using the Noble logo, click on the blue part of the n.)

  • Windows users: If you're working with the Noble logo and don't have an Eyedropper, enter these RGB values: Red: 64, Green: 200, Blue: 244.

9. We want to assign a second accent color. Do the instruction for your platform:

  • Mac: Move the Color panel so you can see Create Theme Colors.
  • Windows: Click OK to close the Colors dialog, but leave Create Theme Colors open.

10. Next to Accent 2, click on the color swatch. Windows users will also need to choose More Colors.

11. Move the Eyedropper over the second color you want to sample. (If using the Noble logo, click on the green part of the n. The RGB values are Red: 178, Green: 210, Blue: 52.)

12. Close the Color panel (Mac) or click OK (Windows).

13. If you're working with the Noble logo or your logo has more colors, follow the same process to finish creating the Accent Colors you need. If using the Noble logo, set the following using the helpful table below:

Accent Swatch


RGB Values

Accent 3

Light yellow

R: 242, G: 235, B: 13

Accent 4


R: 241, G: 78, B: 38

Accent 5

Dark orange

R: 247, G: 148, B: 30

Accent 6

Dark yellow

R: 255, G: 213, B: 3


When done, close the Color panel (Mac) or click OK (Windows). Don't close the Theme Colors dialog yet!

14. Under Name, type Your Company Colors or Noble Colors.

15. Click Save.

16. Go into the Colors menu at the top. Under Custom, you will now see your company colors (or Noble Colors)!

17. Delete the logo from the Master Slide. Its work is done!

Applying the Theme to a Presentation

To apply your custom color theme to the entire PowerPoint presentation, do the following.

1. Click on the top Slide Master.

2. Click the Colors menu, then Custom, then Your Company Colors (or Noble Colors).

Now when you click on any other slide layout, under Colors, you will see Your Company Colors (or Noble Colors).

3. In the Slide Master tab, click the Close Master button.

4. Click in the Click to add title box.

5. Type: The Greatest Title Ever Titled

6. Select the text you just typed.

7. Click the arrow part of the Font Color button.

8. Under Theme Colors you should see your colors. That will be the case any time you want to apply color.

NOTE: Custom color themes stay with the application. If you copy the PowerPoint file to another computer, it will retain the custom color theme, but it won't keep the name of the custom theme. You need to make sure you never change the theme if you want to return to it.

9. Save the file as color-theme.pptx.

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