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$199 PowerPoint for Business Blowout! (Normally $299/ea)

PowerPivot Fundamentals Level 5a $199 (Normally $299)

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$199 QuickBooks Level 1 or Level 2 for PC, Mac, or Online Classes (Normally $299/ea)

Now $545-Excel Power Programming with VBA (Normally $659)

Now $649-Photoshop Essentials 2 Day Course (Normally $749)

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InDesign training in New York


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We offer the most practical InDesign training classes and consulting in New York City. Our fundamentals InDesign courses are perfect for training beginners in basic page layout needs, magazine design or to become an advanced print industry professional.

Try Advanced InDesign training classes for the savvy graphic designer or the print industry specialist. Our InDesign computer training will give you the skills you need to succeed in NYC. For more information, click on the links above, call 212.658.1918 or email us.


Call 212.658.1918 or Email us


InDesign CC Training in NYC, Connecticut & New Jersey

Adobe Training Rates
# of People Half Day
(3 hrs)
Full Day
(6 hrs)
1 $375 $675 ($75 Discount)
2-3 $965 $1,200 ($247 Discount)
4-6 $1,200 $1,600 ($200 Discount)
7-10 $1,870 $2,295 ($510 Discount)
11-14 $2,310 $2,835 ($630 Discount)
15+ Please contact us for quote
Client Testimonials
Took an InDesign class with Eugenio and he was great! We learned so much in only two days. He is very patient and clearly has experience. I definitely recommend him. 11/30- Mimi F. attended InDesign Essentials
The InDesign Essentials was definitely worth it. It went above and beyond what I need for my own work projects, and I was given a lot of skills I look forward to incorporating. The teacher was more Apple friendly, but was helpful with PC questions as well. 6/23/2017- Aj R. attended InDesign Essentials
Took advanced indesign class with Eugenio and he was awesome! I highly recommend him as an instructor. 6/12/2017- Ari B. attended Advanced InDesign
Eugenio was fabulous, he answered all of our questions and helped us get familiar with InDesign pretty quickly. We created tri-fold brochures, flyers, and even a 16-page magazine. Some of the sizing and spacing was a little tricky, but other than that the program is a breeze and fun to use. Great class! 5/25/2017- Nicole D. attended InDesign Essentials
Just took my first InDesign class with NYIM and Eugenio is brilliant. Very nice guy and patient and helpful. We were 4 people in the class and he paid great attention to everybody. Made it so easy! Will definitely take more classes from his place. Also, you can RETAKE the class you've taken for free whenever in the future. Love the concept! 5/14/2017- Brooks K. attended InDesign Essentials
Thank you so much to Karyn for arranging my private training. Thank you to Garfield, Scott and Eugenio who have taught me new skills in Excel, Power point and In Design. They were all patient and explained well the programs. Looking forward to retake some of the class to learn more:) 3/30/2017- Natacha F. attended InDesign Essentials
I am very satisfied with the quality of training and will continue taking classes at NYIM. Completely satisfied. 1/29/2017- Elena V. attended InDesign Essentials
Great teacher, great course, a lot of helpful info I will use in my job! 9/26/2016- Daniel C. attended Advanced InDesign
Advanced Indesign - Great Class! Great Teacher! Very personal and attentive to every question you may have no matter your skill set. 9/26/2016- James M. attended Advanced InDesign
My instructor, Eugene was an excellent teacher. The pace was not too fast nor too slow. He was easy to understand and was extremely thorough. He always took the time to make sure our questions were answered and even covered extra topics with us. I would highly recommend Eugene to other students.- K.W. attended InDesign Essentials
Eugene presented material in a lively and interesting manner, to engage the students. He was always available for questions and took time out of his own to go over things. He clearly knows his stuff and made me more comfortable as a beginner to the class.- J.H. attended InDesign Essentials
I enjoyed the training very much. It was well planned and well paced. Since it was kept small, the instructor was able to focus the topics to each of our experience levels and our intended goals.- K.P. attended InDesign Essentials
Eugene was so good to me, that I am really interested in taking an Illustrator class too! Very educational and fun at the same time! Thanks!- A.H. attended InDesign Essentials
This experience was a great one. I learned everything I was hoping to and then some and this was the Advanced class! Eugene applies the class to our backgrounds and throws in extra tips for us. Great teacher! Very professional!- S.C. attended Advanced InDesign
Our instructor was the best I've had for a computer class. Eugene was extremely attentive to each individual and the class surpassed my expectations. I am now confident that we will be able to make the most out of Indesign.- M.M. attended InDesign Essentials
I thought the class was wonderful and extremely informative. I would definitely train at NYIM again. Eugene was great! Overall, excellent experience....great class...great professor...very successful! Thanks so much. I really did enjoy the day!- D.L. attended Advanced InDesign
I thought the class was very informative. Some people picked things up quicker than others, so we spend more time on some points than others.... The instructor was very knowledgeable and professional. The small classroom atmosphere was also good for sharing ideas and learning as a team.- T.H. attended InDesign Essentials
Eugene is top notch when it comes to instructors! I'm confident that I can operate and utilize InDesign with the core understanding that is needed beyond my job requirements.Thank you for your professionalism and patience!- Jill attended InDesign Essentials
Eugenio, just wanted to thank you for helping me out today with the InDesign, it went really well and I appreciate your patience. I feel much more comfortable going forward. Thanks so much!- C.J. attended Advanced InDesign
Eugene was very willing to help answers all of our questions and stressed that he would be available beyond the class as well for any questions we would have. He is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to make sure we are comfortable with the program!- M.M. attended InDesign Essentials
Eugene was an excellent instructor. Very thorough, very clear, and very attentive to the students if they ran into any problems. I found him very easy to follow, and feel like I learned a lot of material.- J.J. attended Advanced InDesign
Thanks so much Eugene! The class was extremely helpful and well- worth the money! He made it relevant to our work and also fun to learn! I hope to be taking a class in Illustrator next. I can't wait!- J.D. attended InDesign Essentials
Eugene was great. He used the available class time wisely and taught at a reasonable pace. He was always attentive to our different class goals and kept the class lively. Any question we had, he answered and went above and beyond!- M.M. attended InDesign Essentials