Dive into digital marketing by learning how to increase your web traffic, generate and convert leads, launch a successful email marketing campaign, and use Google Ads and Google Analytics. 

In this one-day Digital Marketing class, you’ll learn the strategies and skills needed to succeed in online marketing and promotion. We will cover the following topics:

  • Intro to Digital Marketing: Learn more about the role that digital marketing plays in today’s business landscape.  Get a proven framework for creating a successful digital marketing strategy.

  • Google Ads: Learn the difference between Google Ads and Google Organic Search.  We'll help you set up a Google Ads account, and we'll guide you through the process of setting up a new campaign.

  • Email Marketing: We'll help you launch a successful email marketing campaign, and we'll show you how to build and grow your email list.

  • Google Analytics: Learn how to get started with Google Analytics.  We'll help you interpret the data you collect.

What You'll Learn

  • Key skills needed to increase traffic to a website, generate leads, and get sales
  • How to reach your target audience online
  • How to turn leads into sales
  • How to analyze data from Google Analytics to improve your return on investment

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