Master the advanced Excel, financial modeling, corporate finance, and accounting skills you need to succeed as a financial analyst. Build a financial model to value a public company, and learn industry best practices from experienced investment bankers and hedge fund analysts.

  • Advanced Excel for Financial Modeling: Master advanced techniques including sensitivity analysis, financial functions, modeling shortcuts, and cash flow projection tools. 

  • Crash Course in Finance & Accounting: Review corporate finance and accounting concepts, including enterprise value, financial statements, investments, and corporate valuation.

  • Real-World Financial Modeling Project: Create a valuation model for a public restaurant company using current financial data. Review company presentations, earnings releases, and financial reports to determine the model drivers and assumptions. Derive a share value using corporate valuation principles and evaluate the stock for a potential investment.

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warning-standard-solid This course has a prerequisite

Prior financial experience is helpful, but not required. Those without a finance or accounting background will receive a short guide prior to the course (request upon registration) to acclimate themselves to terminology.

Excel proficiency equivalent to Intermediate Excel for Business is required, including VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, and IF statements. Our Financial Analyst Training Program includes beginner and intermediate Excel along with this 3-day bootcamp.

What You'll Learn

  • Advanced Excel for Finance: Financial functions, advanced formulas, Data Tables, & Excel tricks
  • Corporate Finance: Market Capitalization, Enterprise Value, Stocks & Bonds, NPV, IRR
  • Financial Accounting: Financial statements, financial ratios, and working capital
  • Company Analysis: Analyze companies through financial statements, presentations, & recent news
  • Discount Cash Flow Modeling: Project and discount future cash flows
  • Corporate Valuation: Corporate valuation principles to value companies
  • Financial Analyst Best Practices: Tips and tricks financial analysts need to know
  • Investment Banking Interviews: Review concepts typically asked in investment banking interviews