Financial Modeling Bootcamp

Intensive Financial Modeling Course in NYC

Learn essential finance & accounting concepts while building a comprehensive discounted cash flow (DCF) model in Excel. This financial modeling class blends finance, accounting, and Excel concepts into an intensive 2-day course.

Day 1:  Review finance and accounting concepts, including enterprise value, the core financial statements, DCF modeling procedures, and valuation concepts. Throughout the day, you'll become adept in Excel and techniques used in financial modeling, including Data Tables, cell auditing, advanced functions & formulas, and navigational tools.

Day 2: Create a DCF model on a public restaurant company using current financial data. We'll review company presentations, earnings releases, and financial reports to determine the model drivers and assumptions. Using valuation principles, you will derive a value per share and evaluate the equity as a potential investment.

  • Small classes
  • Hands-on training
  • Book included
  • Free retake

Course information

$65016 Hours185 Madison Avenue, NYC

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Oct 16–179am–5pm
Dec 18–199am–5pm

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  • Finance Concepts: Market Cap, Enterprise Value, Stocks & Bonds, NPV, IRR
  • Financial Accounting: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Financial Ratios, Working Capital
  • Excel Techniques: Financial Functions, Advanced Formulas & Functions, Data Tables, Goal Seek, Excel tricks used in finance
  • Public Company Analysis: Analyze a real public company through its financial statements, presentations, press releases, and industry data 
  • Discount Cash Flow Modeling: Project and discount future cash flows
  • Corporate Valuation: Value a company's equity using the DCF model
  • Financial Analyst Best Practices: Learn tips and tricks that you need to succeed as a financial analyst
  • Interview Questions: Cover concepts and questions typically asked in investment banking interviews