In this 2-day course, students learn the complete project management experience: from choosing the project to closing the project. This course is designed to be an engaging, interactive workshop where participation is encouraged throughout. Students will receive a workbook that contains both practical knowledge along with a large variety of exercises to be completed during class.

Package includes our Project Management 1 and Project Management 2 Project Management classes at a 15% discount. Choose a predefined track or customize your own schedule.

This Class is For Students That:

  • Want an overview of project management theories and methodologies
  • Desire a career in project management
  • Need a review of project management concepts and approaches
  • Understand the five phases of a project
  • Know how to create a project proposal and business case
  • Desire a more in-depth study of project management
  • Need strategies and tools to work better with a project team

This course can be helpful for those pursuing a PMP certification.

The Project Management Bootcamp includes

Project Management Level I: Initiation & Planning

The course begins with an introduction to project management as a science. Students will obtain a firm grasp of different methods and strategies used in the field of project management. Moving deeper into project management theory, students will explore a Planning phase, where a large degree of project success is determined. The last part of the course is a facilitated discussion on project managers and what it takes to become a successful one.

Project Management Level II: Execution, Controlling, & Closing

In this Advanced Project Management course, students delve deeper into project management concepts include task analysis, critical path method, planning, project timelines, and ongoing monitoring. Students will review the five phases of project management, examining the complexities of each stage.