Become a data scientist and join the fastest growing job field within tech! In this certificate, students will learn necessary programming skills that will allow students to manipulate databases and perform various levels of analysis on the data. 

In the first course of this certificate, students will learn Python programming fundamentals and how to use Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib to analyze data. After mastering Python and its three main data science libraries, students learn how to create predictive models from the data using machine learning packages such as Sci-Kit Learn. 

After learning how to handle data in Python, students will learn how to read and write complex queries to a database. This is a very important skill because data scientists spend the majority of the time preparing and cleaning the data so it can be imported and ready to be analyzed in Python.  Lastly, students will learn how to use Python to automate everyday tasks such as aggregating, updating, and formatting data. 

After taking this certificate students will be able to interview for entry-level data science and Python engineering positions. 

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This Data Science Certificate Program is offered at Noble Desktop, our NYC coding school.

The Data Science Certificate includes

Python for Data Science Bootcamp

Learn the fundamentals of Python and object-oriented programming in this 5-day intensive course.  You'll gain a solid understanding of Python, with a strong emphasis on using libraries and frameworks for data science.

Python Machine Learning Bootcamp

Take a step beyond normal programming, into using algorithms that can independently learn patterns and make decisions. Machine learning skills are in high demand, as these algorithms now run the majority of trading on Wall Street and the product recommendations at big companies like Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix.

PostgreSQL Bootcamp

This course will teach you how to explore, modify, and export data from a database. You’ll be introduced to foundational concepts like tables, data types, and queries. Once you understand the basics of viewing tables, you’ll be introduced to more advanced querying techniques like filtering and aggregating. You will be able to drill down into specific cases or step back and see larger patterns. You’ll also learn how to combine information from different tables using join statements and views. The final day of the course will cover advanced techniques like creating subqueries and stored procedures. This course will use Postgres, an advanced open-source database. Concepts from this course will apply equally to other databases such as MySQL and SQL Server, with the minor syntax differences noted during class.

Python for Automation

This class will teach students how to scrap and mine the web for any type of data. Whether you are in academics, business, journalism or anything in between  - this class will be extremely beneficial. Students will learn two major skills in this course: Python and Webscraping. Students will first be introduced to the most powerful programming language in the world and later learn one of its many libraries. If you are interested in pursuing this skill further, check out our Python for Data Science Bootcamp.