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$209 Excel or $199 PowerPoint for Business Blowout! (Normally $299/ea)

PowerPivot Fundamentals $199 (Normally $299)

$199 QuickBooks Level 1 or Level 2 for PC, Mac, or Online Classes (Normally $299/ea)

Now $545-Excel Power Programming with VBA (Normally $659)

Now $649-Photoshop Essentials 2 Day Course (Normally $749)


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PowerPoint Courses in New York

Small Group Classes & Corporate Training

CoursePriceNext Class
PowerPoint for Business Level I$209Mar 27: 10:00am–5:00pm
Advanced PowerPoint for Business$209Apr 2, Apr 3: 6:00pm–9:00pm
PowerPoint Specialist Certification Bundle$699Flexible Scheduling

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PowerPoint Training Classes New York City

Microsoft PowerPoint courses, custom PowerPoint training, and PowerPoint certification classes

NYIM Training offers the premier Microsoft PowerPoint classes - from beginner to advanced - for small group classes, corporate training, and certification courses. The PowerPoint courses are focused on designing, building and presenting dynamic presentations.

Our PowerPoint courses are focused on real-world applications and are taught by the top instructors in New York City. You'll get personalized attention in small class sizes, along with our custom training manuals, premium PowerPoint video suite, and a free retake within six months.

Beginner Advanced Certification

The Highest Rated Microsoft PowerPoint Training in NYC

  • Practical and hands-on training focused on real-world applications of PowerPoint
  • Engaging instructors, in-person in our state-of-the-art Manhattan facility
  • Revolutionary video suite with several hours of premium content
  • Free Retake within six months of the class
  • Proprietary course manual and shortcut sheets
  • Small class sizes for personalized attention

Basic to Advanced PowerPoint Courses

PowerPoint for Business: In this beginner PowerPoint course, you'll create and run dynamic presentations; add images, shapes, animations and layered objects; create tables and charts; and prepare the slideshow for presentation. Beginner Course Outline

Advanced PowerPoint for Business: In this advanced PowerPoint class, you’ll create a reusable PowerPoint Template, make an easily updatable, engaging, consistent presentation, import charts from Excel, use multimedia and layered objects, and record a slideshow. Advanced Course Outline

Revolutionary PowerPoint Video Suite with Premium Content Included Free

Our PowerPoint for Business class include our revolutionary PowerPoint video suite with several hours of premium content. Review the course materials with high-quality video with lifetime access on desktop, tablet or mobile, a $95 value, included free with select courses:

Corporate PowerPoint Training

Flexible training solutions & customized course content

Over two decades, NYIM has served the most prestigious businesses and institutions across the United States with its industry-leading PowerPoint corporate training program. For our corporate clients, we can customize the PowerPoint training to meet the needs of your team, and conduct the classes at your location or ours. Each PowerPoint class will come with a free consultation to ensure that the content meets your standards. After the consultation, our curriculum team will work to customize the course material at no additional charge.

Inquire about corporate PowerPoint training

Rated the Best Microsoft PowerPoint Classes in NYC

See for yourself why NYIM is rated the Best PowerPoint Classes in Manhattan by our customers:

100+ 5-star Reviews on Yelp: Best PowerPoint Classes NYC

PowerPoint Training Courses

For private or corporate PowerPoint training, call 212.658.1918 or email us. We can offer training at your location or ours, and could customize the PowerPoint course content.

Client Testimonials
A great course to learn the very basic of PowerPoint. The instructor explained in an easy to understand way. No question was left unanswered and he made sure that each student understood the material and was not left behind. The course gave essential tools needed for creating presentations from start to it's completion. I am currently applying learned skills at work. Would highly recommend NYIM Training. I am coming back for PowerPoint for Business Level II 01/03- Olga M. attended PowerPoint for Business Level I
Yesterday I took an all day Power Point class with Scott. He is a fabulous trainer. I now have an excellent understanding of PP. A booklet is given to each student that reviews all the lessons from the class. This is a tremendous help when you return to your own computer and start to work in this program. Thank you Scott and NYIM Training. Barbara C. 7/19/2017- Barbara C. attended PowerPoint for Business Level I
Thank you very much to all my teachers for the wonderful lessons I had. It has been very useful for me! 3/30/2017- Giulia M. attended PowerPoint for Mac
I took the advanced PowerPoint class and found it very useful. 3/30/2017- Joseph K. attended Advanced PowerPoint
Recently took the Advanced PowerPoint for Business class at NYIM and it was actually pretty good. I was very weary of taking this course as I'm a daily PPT user and professional, but it was nice to brush up on some of the things learned eons ago, as well as learn more advanced techniques. Would consider taking another class in a program I'm less familiar with. 2/8/2017- Kseniya Z. attended Advanced PowerPoint
I took a PowerPoint for Business Group Class with Scott. It was one of the best classes I took so far (my second class at NYIM). The entire day was structured into lessons and Scott covered each lesson in detail. The class was very interactive, he asked us questions throughout the day to keep our attention going, and asked refresher questions on any new tips we learned. He had all PowerPoint presentations ready and was really knowledgeable and well prepared. He also gave us a lot of general information related to PPT which was just fun to know and made the class really enjoyable. I highly recommend Scott for any newcomers and will take another refresher course with him. 8/26/2016- Leila T. attended PowerPoint for Business
Had a one-on-one training session and it was fantastic. Scott was a great instructor and was very generous with his time. I learned a ton of useful stuff. 9/27/2016- Michael K. attended Advanced PowerPoint
I have never met a person like Joe who is so in- depth & knowledgeable. He is like the Einstein of PowerPoint. His communication & creativity skills are all excellent. Joe is the man!- J.C.M. attended Advanced PowerPoint
Joe ran an excellent program. Our attendees were diverse in their jobs, skill levels, and training needs. This made for an agenda that covered a spectrum of topics from beginner to advanced. Joe moved at just the right pace and got through everything and then some. I would definitely have him come back for our other learning needs Joe was a wonderful teacher that really covered and answered all our questions in a timely manner that covered all of our course outline.- Deloitte attended Advanced PowerPoint
The instructor was very helpful. He really knows his PowerPoint. I feel that I got the attention I needed. I think it's wonderful to have a smaller class because that way the instructor has more time to spend with the student. NYIM is the BEST place to take computer classes. I was very impressed with this PowerPoint class.HOORAY!!!! Whatever didn't register in my head is written in black and white in the manual. This makes things more easier for the student. I NEVER had any connection with PowerPoint but today's class has given me a better perspective.- A.G. attended PowerPoint for Business
Having participated in a private training session for myself and co-worker as opposed to a group setting I found it to be personal and extremely helpful. I didn't feel as if I were lost as can be the case when part of a group. Our instructor, Scott had an excellent knowledge of the material he presented. He was very professional and patient. I would recommend him for any who are interested in PowerPoint training. I appreciated that he was willing to go over the basics in PowerPoint as a refresher before moving to the advanced version.- C.J. attended PowerPoint for Business
Scott was a great instructor. He provides alot of real life examples tied in to the lessons. He is very thorough and answered all our questions with tips.- Calle N. attended Advanced PowerPoint
Very informative. Learned many new things to do with powerpoint - attended PowerPoint for Business
Joe was wonderful and really knowledgeable. He also made sure to keep closely in touch with each student's progress as the training progressed.- Global Health Strategies attended PowerPoint for Business
Scott was great and very willing to answer questions and gave great answers. He was awesome!He was always helpful and full of suggestions for best practices and tips.- S.M. attended PowerPoint 2003
Scott is great; he is patient, considerate, and I really would like having him as my teacher in another class.- I.M. attended PowerPoint 2003
Scott explained clearly and was patient and thorough. Did an excellent job of dealing with the students' varying speeds of learning- M.Z. attended PowerPoint for Business
I think Scott did an excellent job. You can tell he's had a lot of experience using the program, and he was able to communicate the material in a timely and organized fashion which made it easier to follow. He takes the time to make sure everyone understood the material and gave us plenty of practice to go with it!- J.F. attended PowerPoint for Business
Great guy...Scott..very charming, entertaining, knowledgeable, and makes sure you don't fall behind. Very patient and would go over anything that we needed extra help with. - J.S. attended Advanced PowerPoint 2003
Joe was a most excellent instructor. Sensitive to questions and most willing to help with any problems. I will refer NYIM to all my peers and Joe as a great instructor to have for their classes.- L.R. attended Advanced PowerPoint
Scott is a fabulous instructor and I look forward to attending the advanced class. I had no idea that you could do so much with PowerPoint until i came here. Thanks.- B.S. attended PowerPoint for Business
Scott was very patient and willing go over things as much as needed. i learned a great deal during the time i was here. great as a refresher or an intro!- B.O. attended PowerPoint for Business
Working with Scott was wonderful. He is a great instructor. I walked away happily, knowing how to prepare a presentation..... Thanks again,- A.B. attended PowerPoint for Business
I really liked the way Joe taught; he put us at ease and had a laid back way of teaching. I realized that what was happening was that I was learning every single thing he was teaching, in a really relaxed way - a very refreshing way to learn. Joe was also very patient and kind, and obviously knew a LOT about PowerPoint and computers in general.- D.H. attended PowerPoint for Business
I finished the course last night with Scott. I wanted to tell you that he is a great instructor. He engages, entertains and is very thorough in his approach to the outline. He is an asset to your center. Thank you. - R.M. attended PowerPoint for Business
Scott is a great instructor, very nice and helpful. Class was run in an efficient manner but there was always an opportunity to ask questions. I really enjoyed the class and all that I learned!- R.B. attended Advanced PowerPoint
Joe is very knowledgeable and patient. I liked his real- world analysis or references to bring points across. Also loved his suggestions on what animation and transition options to use for my legal research environment.- K.W.A. attended PowerPoint for Business
Joe was a very good instructor. He was extremely clear with his explanations and made things simple and easy to understand. His pace was very good and his knowledge was extensive on the material.- M.S. attended PowerPoint 2003
Joe is a world of knowledge. His ability to communicate and translate the computer phrases to layman terms was the best I have seen in all my years of being an Instructor as well. This Class is going to enhance my skills in Powerpoint presenting and also be able to communicate better to my audience. My hat goes off to Joe!- A.D. attended PowerPoint for Business
Joe is an excellent teacher. This is my first class and I am very impressed and plan on signing up for more classes. You are lucky he represents your company. Joe is a Master and a professional!- E.C. attended PowerPoint for Business
I thought that Scott was EXCELLENT at teaching PowerPoint. He was patient, knowledgeable, and very clear in his instruction and explanation of the program.- NA. attended PowerPoint for Business
Scott is a fantastic instructor. Very knowledgeable, and kind. This course is going to be very helpful to me. I would highly recommend this school and instructor to others. Courteous and professional.- J.S. attended PowerPoint 2003
I enjoyed my excel class so much that I was very interested in the Powerpoint. I am so happy with the training quality that i am coming back for Photoshop! Thank you !- M.V. attended PowerPoint for Business
Scott He is very knowledgeable about the subject. Very intuitive regarding the students' questions and learning styles.- J.S. attended PowerPoint 2003
I thought Scott was great. I would definitely take a class with him again.- M.R. attended Advanced PowerPoint