PowerPoint Specialist Certification Bundle

PowerPoint Certification NYC

This package includes the PowerPoint for Business and Advanced PowerPoint for Business classes, as well as two hours of private exam prep training. It also includes the official Microsoft PowerPoint Specialist Exam study guide and the actual PowerPoint Certification exam with a free retake.

To sign up for the PowerPoint Specialist Certification Package, check out by choosing your first class date on the right (PowerPoint for Business Level I). Then contact us to schedule your next PowerPoint class, 2 hours of private training, and the Specialist Exam (proctoring for the exam is included). You'll have two years to complete the certification, so you don't need to provide the dates at registration.

  • Small classes
  • Hands-on training
  • Book included
  • Free retake

Course information

$69917 Hours185 Madison Avenue, NYC

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Aug 2310am–5pm
Sep 5–66–9pm
Sep 2010am–5pm
Sep 2910am–5pm
Oct 910am–5pm
Oct 3110am–5pm
Nov 12–136–9pm
Nov 2110am–5pm
Dec 210am–5pm
Dec 1310am–5pm

Corporate training available

Call 212-658-1918 or email us

The PowerPoint Specialist Certification Bundle includes

PowerPoint for Business Level I

In this beginner PowerPoint course, you'll create and run dynamic presentations; add images, shapes, animations and layered objects; create tables and charts; and prepare the slideshow for presentation.

Advanced PowerPoint for Business

In this advanced PowerPoint class, you’ll create a reusable PowerPoint Template, make an easily updatable, engaging, consistent presentation, import charts from Excel, use multimedia and layered objects, and record a slideshow.

Additional Items

This package also includes two hours of private training, the Microsoft PowerPoint Specialist Exam (with a free retake), and proctoring for the exam. Schedule the private training and exam after you complete the group classes.