InDesign Private Training

Private Tutoring for Adobe InDesign in NYC

In this private training, you learn to lay out a multi-page document, insert photos, create text styles, master documents and pages, flow in copy from Microsoft Word, and print documents.

You'll create hands-on projects including text ads, magazine spreads, postcards, multiple page newsletters, and more.

This course is only available as one-on-one training. If you're interested in our Adobe group classes, please check our design school courses.

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$850 6 Hours 185 Madison Avenue, NYC In-person classroom training

Corporate & private training available

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What You'll Learn

  • Work with typography to create a text ad
  • Create a coupon using colors and gradients
  • Add graphics to a postcard design
  • Use master pages and grids to create a newsletter
  • Adjust images for a Catalog Spread
  • Apply Color Blends to a brochure
  • Prepare files for print

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

Lesson 1—Getting to Know the InDesign Work Area

  • Tools, submenus and palettes
  • Setup up a new document
  • Creating document
  • Viewing the Document

Assignment 1: New Document Set up

Lesson 2—Working with Typography 

  • Creating Text Frames
  • Flowing copy
  • Changing fonts and paragraph alignment
  • Importing copy and entering it into frames
  • Text frame options
  • Spell Checking 

Assignment 2: Text Ad 

Lesson 3—Working with Color 

  • Applying color to objects
  • Creating dashed lines
  • Working with gradients
  • Creating and applying swatches and gradient swatches
  • Creating a tint
  • Multicolor gradient

Assignment 3: Create Coupon

Lesson 3—Working with Images

  • Placing graphics
  • Stacking and text wrap
  • Align multiple objects

Project 1: Nightclub Postcard

Lesson 4—Master Pages and Grids

  • Creating Master pages
  • Linking Master pages
  • Editing master page items
  • Keep spreads together and deleting pages
  • Guides, preferences baseline grid
  • The Layers palette

Assignment 4: Set up Master Pages for Newsletter

Lesson 5—Style Sheets and Fine-Tuning Text 

  • Different text flow options
  • Creating and applying styles
  • Importing Styles from another document
  • Creating a footer and Special Characters
  • Finding and changing formatting and special characters
  • Finding and changing a missing font
  • Creating text on a path
  • Working with tabs
  • Drop shadows

Assignment 5: Update Newsletter

Lesson 6—Image Manipulation in InDesign 

  • The Links palette and how to update and edit graphics in other applications
  • Changing display settings
  • Clipping Pages (Removing a white background)
  • Examining Photoshop paths and alpha channels
  • Importing Illustrator files
  • Placing PDF files

Assignment 6: Adjust Images for Catalog Spread

Assignment 7: Apply Color Blends to Brochure

Lesson 7—Preparing Files for Print

  • Preflight
  • Transparency flattener preview
  • Ink Manager
  • Determining how graphics print
  • Setting options for fonts
  • Creating a PDF preset
  • Exporting to PDF
  • Packaging an InDesign File

Project 2: Four Page Magazine Layout

Course Overview Video