Excel Specialist Certification Bundle

Excel Certification Classes & Exam in NYC

Boost your credentials today and earn a certification in Microsoft Excel. This Excel Specialist Certification program which includes three Excel courses (fundamentals, intermediate, and advanced), two hours of private training, and the Excel Specialist Exam with a free retake. You'll also receive lifetime access to three premium Excel video suites, the perfect resource to prepare for the exam.

Registration: To sign up for the Excel Specialist Certification Package, check out by choosing your first class date to the right (Excel for Business Fundamentals). Then contact us to schedule your next two Excel classes, two hours of private training, and the Specialist Exam (proctoring for the exam is included). You'll have two years to complete the certification, so you don't need to provide the dates at registration.

We also offer an Excel Expert Certification package, which includes the classes above, four hours of private training, and the Excel Expert Exam with a free retake.

  • Small classes
  • Hands-on training
  • Book included
  • Free retake

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$89924 Hours185 Madison Avenue, NYC

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Aug 2210am–5pm
Aug 2510am–5pm
Aug 27–286–9pm
Aug 2810am–5pm
Sep 610am–5pm
Sep 910:30am–5:30pm
Sep 1210am–5pm
Sep 12–136–9pm
Sep 1710am–5pm
Sep 2210am–5pm
Sep 24–256–9pm
Sep 2610am–5pm
Oct 210am–5pm
Oct 710:30am–5:30pm
Oct 810am–5pm
Oct 10–116–9pm
Oct 1210am–5pm
Oct 1810am–5pm
Oct 2010am–5pm
Oct 24–256–9pm
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The Excel Specialist Certification Bundle includes

Excel for Business Fundamentals

This beginner Excel course covers the essential applications of Excel used frequently by business professionals. In this introductory Excel class, you will learn basic and multi-input functions, absolute references, charts, and tables. You will produce polished and presentable work with formatting and printing techniques, while learning crucial tricks to facilitate the workflow.

Intermediate Excel for Business

In this intermediate Excel course, you will summarize data with Pivot Tables, extract data with functions including VLOOKUP and SUMIFS, and write logical and statistical functions. You'll also learn to work with text, including joining and splitting text, creating drop-down menus, and removing duplicate data. Throughout the class, we'll show you time-saving tricks and shortcuts to cut down hours of daily work. This class is perfect for those with familiarity with basic formulas and functions, charts, and workbook management techniques looking to expand their proficiency in Excel.

Advanced Excel for Business

In this advanced Excel course, you will learn Goal Seek, Data Tables, advanced functions, and basic macros. You will build upon intermediate-level concepts, making your functions more flexible, taking Pivot Tables to the next level, and facilitating workflow with cell management techniques and Hot Keys. This course is perfect for those with strong working knowledge in Excel looking to apply more complex Excel features.

Additional Items

This package also includes two hours of private training, the Microsoft Excel Specialist Exam (with a free retake), and proctoring for the exam. Schedule the private training and exam after you complete the group classes.