Master views, subqueries, logic statements, and data conversions in SQL Level 2. Combine advanced SQL functions with fundamentals like inner and outer joins. Develop your skills in SQL by writing advanced functions to gain more control in your relational DBMS (Database Management System).

In SQL Level 2, you’ll learn tools and techniques related to the following commands:

  • Create Views: Create views to review a subset of data and learn when to use them

  • Subqueries: Learn how to write subqueries and the benefits of using them over joins

  • Math Functions & Logic Statements: Calculate basic math functions and write logic statements

warning-standard-solid This course has a prerequisite

SQL proficiency equivalent to our SQL Level 1 course is required, including basic querying, filtering, and aggregation.

What You'll Learn:

  • Use outer joins to analyze data
  • Write and save queries to the server
  • Create and edit views
  • Use subqueries as an alternative to inner and outer joins
  • Calculate new data field using math functions

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