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Master advanced SQL processes and controls. Create stored procedures and temporary tables. Connect to external data sources like Microsoft Applications applications and manipulate data with constraints, indexes, and triggers. In SQL 3, you’ll gain the skills to begin a career in database management.

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$425 8 Hours PC provided 185 Madison Avenue, NYC In-person classroom training

Corporate training available

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Aug 29 Thursday, 9am–5pm
Sep 8 Sunday, 9:30am–5:30pm
Sep 27 Friday, 9am–5pm
Oct 6 Sunday, 9:30am–5:30pm
Oct 24 Thursday, 9am–5pm
Nov 9 Saturday, 9am–5pm
Nov 22 Friday, 9am–5pm
Dec 15 Sunday, 9:30am–5:30pm
Dec 20 Friday, 9am–5pm
Jan 18 Saturday, 9am–5pm
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What You'll Learn:

  • Create a database and tables
  • Import data from Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel
  • Write code to import, edit, and delete data
  • Use security features to protect data integrity
  • Develop database diagrams
  • Make local and global temporary tables
  • Implement stored procedures to automate workflows

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

Importing and Exporting Data

1) Creating a Database and Tables in SQL

2) Importing and Exporting Data from and to Excel

3) Importing and Exporting Data from and to Access

4) Importing, Updating and Deleting Data via Code

Building Control Structures

5) Creating Primary Keys, Indexes and Constraints

6) Setting up Referential Integrity

7) Creating Database Diagrams

Temporary Tables

8) Low Level Security Overview

9) Local Temp Tables

10) Global Temp Tables

Stored Procedures

11) Parameter Queries using Variables through Views

12) Automation of Workflow Processes

13) Triggers to Create Workflow Events


Protect Views with Schema binding

Data Conversion Functions

  • String Functions
  • Cast Function
  • Convert Function
  • Rounding Functions

Advanced SQL Training New York City

Master Advanced SQL Processes and Controls—Create Databases and Automate Tasks

Launch a career in database management or add SQL to your portfolio of skills in web development. SQL Level 3 picks up after advanced functions and table management techniques at the intermediate level. Develop databases, store data, and learn to store procedures and add temporary tables.

As a student in SQL 3, you’ll write advanced SQL code and work with task-based exercises that reinforce fundamental SQL coding skills. Upon completing the course, you’ll have built a SQL database that you can continue to work with at home.

You will be able to complete the following tasks after taking SQL Level 3:

  • Create a database and store data within its tables

  • Import data from external sources (Microsoft Access and Excel)

  • Set up primary keys and database constraints

  • Save and reuse SQL code with stored procedures

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In-Depth Course Overview

In SQL Level 3, you’ll focus on the following core tasks:

  • Creating a Database - Use your knowledge of SQL to create a database with tables than you can use throughout the course to practice queries

  • Importing Data from External Sources - Import data from other programs like Microsoft Excel and Access and write code to update it

  • Building Database Infrastructure and Constraints - Create security measures to protect data integrity and grant access to your team

  • Create Temporary Tables - Avoid filtering data over and over to fetch a subset of rows, instead store this subset in a temporary table

  • Create Stored Procedures - Use stored procedures to streamline tasks, maintain consistency, and improve overall performance and efficiency

Following the course, lay out a database diagram, create a database, and write queries of your own. You’ll have the skills you need to practice and build upon advanced SQL functions at work or home.

Using the course workbook as a guide, you can practice exercises from SQL classes, while also building new databases. The step-by-step instruction in our manual will lead you through creating temporary tables, indexes, and stored procedures to save complex processes.

Why Learn Advanced SQL at NYIM?

At NYIM, you’ll receive everything you need to learn advanced SQL. All you need to do is show up! Each student will have access to a PC with Microsoft SQL Server installed. You’ll also receive our proprietary course manual that guides you through step-by-step exercises that you can recreate at home.

Our SQL courses offer the best value for your investment. In addition to the free course materials, you’ll also have a free retake that you can use within six months. Students who take advantage of this offer cite the need to refresh their abilities.

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