In SQL Level 3, you’ll gain the skills to begin a career in database management. Master advanced SQL processes and controls, create stored procedures, connect to external data sources like Microsoft Applications applications, and manipulate data with constraints.

In SQL Level 3, you’ll focus on the following core tasks:

  • Creating a Database: Use your knowledge of SQL to create a database with tables than you can use throughout the course to practice queries

  • Importing Data from External Sources: Import data from other programs like Microsoft Excel and Access and write code to update it

  • Building Database Infrastructure and Constraints: Create security measures to protect data integrity and grant access to your team

Following the course, lay out a database diagram, create a database, and write queries of your own. You’ll have the skills you need to practice and build upon advanced SQL functions at work or home.

Using the course workbook as a guide, you can practice exercises from SQL classes, while also building new databases. The step-by-step instruction in our manual will lead you through creating temporary tables, indexes, and stored procedures to save complex processes.

warning-standard-solid This course has a prerequisite

SQL proficiency equivalent to our SQL Level 2 course is required, including outer joins, subqueries, and logic statements.

What You'll Learn:

  • Create a database and tables
  • Import data from Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel
  • Write code to import, edit, and delete data
  • Use security features to protect data integrity
  • Develop database diagrams