Excel for Business Fundamentals

Beginner Excel Classroom Training in NYC

Master the core Excel functions in this one-day course. Learn calculations and data entry. Apply formatting to text and cells to make your spreadsheet scannable and visually appealing. In this hands-on training, you will learn all the basics to use Microsoft Excel as your primary data processing tool. You'll produce polished and print ready spreadsheets while learning tricks to accelerate your workflow.

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Class Notes

  • Prerequisites: Prior experience with Excel is not required; however, attendees must be comfortable with computer basics.
  • A PC or Mac with Excel will be provided (choose your operating system at checkout). The instructor will present on a PC but will explain the differences for Mac students, and the class files clearly outline the differences.
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$209 7 Hours Mac and PC provided 185 Madison Avenue, NYC In-person classroom training

Corporate training available

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Aug 23 Friday, 10am–5pm
Aug 25 Sunday, 10am–5pm
Aug 26–27 Mon–Tue, 6–9pm
Aug 29 Thursday, 10am–5pm
Sep 4 Wednesday, 10am–5pm
Sep 7 Saturday, 10am–5pm
Sep 10 Tuesday, 10am–5pm
Sep 11–12 Wed–Thu, 6–9pm
Sep 16 Monday, 10am–5pm
Sep 20 Friday, 10am–5pm
Sep 22 Sunday, 10am–5pm
Sep 23–24 Mon–Tue, 6–9pm
Sep 26 Thursday, 10am–5pm
Oct 2 Wednesday, 10am–5pm
Oct 5 Saturday, 10am–5pm
Oct 8 Tuesday, 10am–5pm
Oct 14 Monday, 10am–5pm
Oct 16–17 Wed–Thu, 6–9pm
Oct 18 Friday, 10am–5pm
Oct 20 Sunday, 10am–5pm
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What You'll Learn

  • AutoSum functions
  • Calculations and data entry
  • Absolute cell references
  • Formatting and printing
  • Multi-input functions
  • Line, bar, and pie charts
  • Tables

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline



  • Provides a brief description of the user interface for Microsoft Excel

Data Entry

  • Examines and describes multiple means of entering data



  • Explores Excel's amazing ability to predict and extrapolate patterns


  • Perform mathematical expressions and review the Order of Operations rule

True or False

  • Tests to see whether criteria is true/false

AutoSum Functions

  • Review the five key functions: Sum, Average, Max, Min, and Count Numbers

Text Functions

  • Introduces functions used to modify text in Excel

Multi-Input Functions

  • More advanced functions that require more than one input

Absolute Cell References

  • Changing a cell reference into a constant, which is necessary for certain calculations



  • The addition of effects to an excel document to provide visual instruction

Format Painter

  • The ability to copy format from one cell/range of cells to another cell/range of cells

Conditional Format

  • Apply a predetermined format based on specified rules

Charts & Tables

Line Chart

  • Create a Line chart and Spark lines to visually examine data

Column Chart

  • Create a Column chart to visually examine data

Pie Chart

  • Create a Pie chart to visually examine data


  • Explore the special functionality created when data is converted to a Table

Workbook Management


  • Rules and strategies to make printing easy


  • Insert, move, copy and delete worksheets

Repeat Action

  • Use the F4 key to duplicate a prior action


  • 5 Fundamental keyboard shortcuts and a review of others previously covered

End of Class Project


  • End of class project to review key concepts from the class

Save and Close

  • Save, close and email the completed workbook

Beginner Excel Classes New York City

Learn best practices in data management—Enter, Analyze, and Create Charts

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool used to enter and track data for analysis. Excel for Business Fundamentals covers the essential applications of Excel used frequently by corporate professionals. Learn to produce polished work with formatting techniques and crucial tricks to accelerate your workflow.

In this hands-on class, you will work on real-world examples, reinforcing the concepts with practice throughout the class, as well as a cumulative project at the end. You’ll be able to take what you’ve learned in class and apply it directly to projects on your job. At the end of the course you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Create automatic calculations to save time entering data
  • Apply colors and formatting to text or data cells
  • Design spreadsheets with headers and print-ready worksheets
  • Learn shortcuts to perform repetitive tasks quickly

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Continue Learning with our Free Excel Video Suite

Every student that enrolls in Excel for Business Fundamentals will have lifetime access to our Excel video suite with tutorials on Excel’s functions and techniques. Review the course materials with high-quality video with lifetime access on desktop, tablet or mobile, a $95 value, included at no additional charge.

Beginner Course Video Overview

This video will recap some of the essential concepts we'll cover in this class, including formulas, charts, Autofill, absolute cell references, conditional formatting & more. Play the video full-screen in HD for the best viewing experience.

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