Intermediate Excel for Business

Intermediate Excel Classes in NYC

In this intermediate Excel course, you will summarize data with Pivot Tables, extract data with functions including VLOOKUP and SUMIFS, and write logical and statistical functions. You'll also learn to work with text, including joining and splitting text, creating drop-down menus, and removing duplicate data. Throughout the class, we'll show you time-saving tricks and shortcuts to cut down hours of daily work. This class is perfect for those with familiarity with basic formulas and functions, charts, and workbook management techniques looking to expand their proficiency in Excel.

The class includes our revolutionary Intermediate Excel video suite, a free retake within six months, and our proprietary training manual. 

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  • Small classes
  • Hands-on training
  • Book included
  • Free retake

Course information

$2097 Hours185 Madison Avenue, NYC

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Aug 2110am–5pm
Aug 2610am–5pm
Aug 2710am–5pm
Aug 29–306–9pm
Aug 3110am–5pm
Sep 710am–5pm
Sep 810am–5pm
Sep 1310am–5pm
Sep 1810am–5pm
Sep 2310am–5pm
Sep 26–276–9pm
Sep 2710am–5pm
Oct 310am–5pm
Oct 610am–5pm
Oct 8–96–9pm
Oct 1110am–5pm
Oct 1710am–5pm
Oct 2110am–5pm
Oct 22–236–9pm
Oct 2310am–5pm
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Corporate training available

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What You'll Learn

  • Navigation tricks & shortcuts
  • Summarize data with Pivot Tables
  • VLOOKUP function
  • Join and split text
  • Create drop-down menus
  • Sort & filter data
  • Tricks to speed up workflow
  • Logical functions