Microsoft Word Level II

Advanced Word Classes in NYC

Advance your career with training in Microsoft Word's most advanced functions and features. Automate useful tools like mail merge. Record tasks and write macros to save time. Create custom document styles and templates to improve productivity within your entire team. By the end of this course, you'll master advanced techniques that expedite your workflow. If you use Microsoft Word daily, this course provides essential training in everything you need to know.

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$229 7 Hours 185 Madison Avenue, NYC In-person classroom training

Corporate training available

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Mar 19 Tue, 10am–5pm
Jun 4 Tue, 10am–5pm

What You'll Learn

  • Working with multiple documents
  • Tracking changes
  • Advanced formatting
  • Reference tables
  • Forms and Mail merge
  • Custom style sets and templates

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

Manage multiple documents

  • Modifying existing templates
  • Merging multiple documents
  • Comparing documents
  • Combining documents
  • Managing versions of documents
  • Organizing styles
  • Copying styles from template to template
  • Copying macros from document to document
  • Linking to external data
  • Moving building blocks between documents

Prepare documents for review

  • Setting tracking options
  • Restricting editing
  • Deleting document draft versions
  • Removing document metadata
  • Marking documents as final
  • Protecting documents by using passwords

Manage document changes

  • Tracking changes
  • Managing comments
  • Using markup options
  • Resolving multidocument style conflicts
  • Changing how markup is displayed
  • Objective review

Apply advanced formatting

  • Using wildcards in find-and-replace searches
  • Creating custom field formats
  • Using advanced layout options
  • Setting up pages
  • Adjusting paragraph spacing and indentation
  • Arranging objects on pages
  • Working with document sections
  • Setting character spacing options and advanced character attributes
  • Linking text boxes
  • Apply advanced styles
  • Customizing settings for existing styles
  • Creating custom styles
  • Creating character-specific styles
  • Assigning keyboard shortcuts to styles

Apply advanced ordering and grouping

  • Creating and managing outlines
  • Creating master documents
  • Linking document elements
  • Objective review

Create and manage indexes

  • Marking index entries
  • Building indexes from automark files
  • Inserting indexes
  • Editing and updating indexes

Create and manage reference tables

  • Creating and formatting tables of contents
  • Creating tables of figures
  • Inserting captions
  • Inserting tables of figures
  • Working with tables of authorities
  • Marking citations
  • Formatting and inserting tables of authorities
  • Setting advanced reference options
  • Using cross-references
  • Setting options for footnotes and endnotes
  • Adding source citations to documents
  • Managing sources
  • Inserting bibliographies

Manage forms, fields, and mail merge operations

  • Designing forms
  • Working with control properties
  • Locking controls
  • Formatting controls
  • Building lists
  • Locking and unlocking forms
  • Working with legacy controls
  • Inserting and managing document fields
  • Performing mail merge operations
  • Building and managing recipient lists
  • Modifying recipient lists
  • Adding merge fields
  • Using mail merge rules
  • Previewing mail merge results
  • Sending personal email messages to groups of recipients
  • Setting up labels or envelopes for mail merge operations
  • Objective review

Create and modify building blocks

  • Editing building block properties
  • Creating custom building blocks
  • Deleting building blocks

Create custom style sets and templates

  • Creating custom theme elements
  • Creating custom theme colors
  • Creating custom theme fonts
  • Customizing templates
  • Designing your own templates
  • Creating and managing style sets

Prepare a document for internationalization and accessibility

  • Configuring language options in documents
  • Adding alt text to document elements
  • Creating documents for use with accessibility tools
  • Managing multiple options for the +Body and +Heading fonts
  • Implementing global content standards
  • Using a macro to modify tab order in a form