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Master Excel in our hands-on training Live Online from Chicago or request onsite training at your office in Chicago. Learn formulas, functions, Pivot Tables, macros, VLOOKUP, and more from the top Excel experts.

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Drive team performance and efficiency with NYIM's industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes in Chicago or create a custom training program onsite.

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Take advantage of our 20+ years of curriculum development

Took the two day Financial Modeling Bootcamp. Extremely informative and useful. Smaller class size allows for one on one help and enables you to really understand the material you are working through. Additionally you build out a model on an actual company during the course, allowing you to perform the same kind of analysis you would use in a real office setting, as opposed to looking at generic accounting problems. Office itself is very nice, and the professors are extremely well informed. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to develop, sharpen, or reestablish their financial modeling skills.

attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

Super helpful and affordable. Will be helpful in my career in growth equity.

attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

Gives a pretty good foundation for those who are a long way from ever being a programmer!

attended Excel Programming with VBA

Whether you want a quick refresher or crash course, Financial Modeling in Excel will benefit anyone in the M&A field looking to expand their skills.

attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

High-quality VBA training in Excel--I've taken a couple of classes, and this was by far the best--Garfield was an excellent instructor--patient, clear, and helpful. Course content felt well thought out and organized-- a nice mix of working on mapped exercises to work on discrete skills with some room to work on any problems or concerns or thoughts you might have brought to class. The supplement files/exercises provided for post-class work are solid as well. I've received a greater amount of content from some places, but the files and materials here were much more workable and better-organized.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

I recently took an excel VBA Class here and it was extremely helpful! The first day was a bit of a refresher, but then the class really picked up! The instructor was extensively knowledgeable and passionate about the subject! Additionally, they were ready and willing to answer all student questions and emphasized the importance of us all being on the same page, so no one felt left out. The location is also very close to Penn station, which is a definite plus if you are traveling by train!

attended Excel Programming with VBA

I don't even know what else Saba could have done to make the class better - she was so on point and really interesting.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

Thank you for the session! It was really helpful and I've learned a lot from Joe.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

Saba really knows her stuff! Lively attitude kept things interesting. She was very interactive and engaging us in the class.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

Saba made the class non- intimidating and informative due to her casual approach, teaching from the basics forward and her helpfulness with every little question. I did like that the class was small and hands on with computers.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

This course exceeded my expectations.Saba is a great instructor! She answered all my questions and went beyond to link it to real life examples.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

Great experience, I highly recommend for anyone looking to break into consulting/banking!

attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

This was a great refresher course for some of the deeper financial concepts I have not used since undergrad. I think this course is phenomenal for recent college grads starting off their careers in finance or budget. It's a great intro for learning to navigate excel shortcuts. I am 5 years in my career now and have never had the investment banking background but still have been a financial analyst and been involved in raising capital so the concepts covered were a great refresher for me. Additionally the instructor did a great job with playing to the students in the course and our backgrounds and what subjects to go more in-depth with and vice versa.

attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

This financial modeling bootcamp helped me round off my excel shortcut skills. All of the excel shortcuts I didn't already know; I learned in this course. This will help me work fast and smarter. I also appreciated the applicability of the financial analysis we conducted. We moved in a very timely fashion and this was a very productive course that will help me as I start off as an investment analyst.

attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

The financial modeling boot-camp class was a great review for everything I have learned during my undergraduate studies and was also very relevant to my working experience. I also liked that the size of the classes were not too big; this allowed the participants to be actively engaged. As I work in fixed income and while this boot-camp focused on projecting stock price, the research and excel model/setup is very similar so there was very relevant crossover. All in all, I wish I had taken this class earlier this year. Great class.

attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

I took the Financial Modeling Bootcamp. The instructors are very knowledgeable about what they teach and encourage questions throughout the workshop.

attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

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16 Students rated our Excel Classes classes 5 stars


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Attend our Excel classes live online from anywhere, or request onsite training for your team.

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Excel Training Options for Chicago Companies & Residents

Our courses are hands-on and based on real-world applications of Excel. Throughout the training, the instructor will provide short demonstrations, then you'll complete an exercise with the instructor's guidance.

For Chicago attendees, we offer several options:

Why Attend Excel Classes at NYIM?

There are a lot of options available when looking to learn Excel. What separates the programs from one training center from another? There are a variety of factors that can come into play, and it is worth taking a little bit of time thinking about what you want from your training experience.

Corporate Excel Training in Chicago

Over two decades, NYIM has served the most prestigious businesses and institutions across the United States with its industry-leading Excel corporate training programs. For custom training, you'll consult with the instructor to set the agenda at no additional cost. 

For a small travel charge, we will come onsite to Philadelphia, Stamford, Boston, and Chicago.

Learn more about our corporate & onsite Excel training programs and quickly compare course outlines.

Excel Training Resources

Excel Classes in Chicago

We know you have lots of options for training when it comes to Excel so we thank you for the opportunity to work with you. 

There are lots of great options for Excel training in Chicago, and NYIM strives to go above and beyond in whatever way we can. Our expert instructors give their all every class and our curriculum is constantly improving. We have been teaching for the past 20+ years in the industry and taking careers forward with professional training.

Hands-on Excel Chicago

No matter where you are, our classes are full of hands-on exercises and projects to make sure you walk away feeling confident in your new skills. Whether you are live online in Chicago, in-person in NYC, or at corporate training in Chicago, you will get to work directly in Excel on real projects to hone your skills. Our classes are meant to be interactive so you will have the assistance of the instructor to guide you through the exercises and answer any questions. 

Top Instructors

Our instructors give their all when it comes to teaching Excel to ensure that our customers walk away with a deep understanding of Excel to bring home with them with a smile on their faces. Our Excel training is very accessible for Chicago residents as we offer a handful of Excel training options to suit your needs. Our main training facility is in Midtown Manhattan, not too far from Chicago. If you'd prefer not to come in, you can attend any of our classes from the comfort of your home or office in Chicago with our live online training option.

Corporate Training in Chicago

We also offer custom corporate training options in Chicago at your office. We will come to your offices and deliver custom Excel training for your team. Our corporate reps will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth process and that all your training needs are met. Our expert instructors will design a curriculum that works best for your team.

We can provide our full Excel syllabus allow you to pick and choose what you'd like to cover. You can also choose to add additional Excel topics, not in our syllabus, or work on specific types of projects that are applicable to your company. Send us an email, give us a ring, or chat with us to learn more about custom corporate training options at your offices in Chicago and see why companies across the country work with to train their employees.

Why Learn Advanced Excel - Employees and Employers

Advanced Microsoft Excel skills provide value in many facets of life. Excel is a spreadsheet program that can create text, numbers, and calculations. It is used across many businesses and fields and is often the foundational knowledge of a successful business analyst.

For Employees

Advanced Excel with Basic is a handy and time-saving operating system for many reasons. Most importantly, it helps find correct calculations in a short time, which boosts company productivity. Here we discuss how advanced Excel knowledge helps employees not only improve their skills but become essential members of the workplace.

Getting a Job

The current job market is very competitive. Stable careers with growth are hard to come by, and recruiters are looking for applicants with specialized skills. If you're considering a career leap, the powerful techniques and formulas available through advanced Excel with Basic will undoubtedly make you a standout. Simply showing "Microsoft Office Basic" under the area of expertise doesn't work as well on the CV. Companies want to see that you took the initiative to expand upon basic skills because they're more likely to invest in you if you're willing to invest in yourself first.

Achieving High Performance and Productivity

Good business decisions are data-driven ones. Luckily, Excel is logical and user-friendly, and experts use this software to automate tasks, keep track of immense units of data, generate sleek presentations, and provide quick and easy solutions to intricate problems. Its accurate and efficient use can increase productivity tenfold. Therefore, mastery of Excel can certainly land you a good job. Knowledge of advanced Excel, however, can turn you into an invaluable asset to your organization. 

Efficient Use of Spreadsheets

Businesses depend on technology to stay relevant and grow. Since the beginning, Microsoft Office has shown itself to be a key player in the workplace. Compiling accounts and generating reports is made possible in an accurate and streamlined way through different accounting software, but Microsoft Excel dominates in this field.

It allows users to generate simple data entries and calculations in a spreadsheet. It can input, calculate, and analyze data automatically by using formulas and functions. Though its basic features are impressive, advanced Excel offers an exciting array of advanced formulas, allowing users to take their accounting skills to the next level. It begs the question: why work harder when you can work smarter? In our Excel classes, you'll learn all kinds of tips and tricks that will make you a better Excel user and improve your workflows tremendously.

Improve Quality of Work

When operating a company, it is important to keep in mind the quality of the workforce. Finding out whether all your departments are running in the same rhythm is an important task to perform regularly. Since everyone is working under the supply chain, data can be found through the supply, collection, financial transaction, and accounts report.

Through advanced Excel, your staff will be able to easily present the data about the quality and location of the work produced through dashboards, interfaces, and charts, all done in a beautiful format.

Career Enhancement in The Organization

The more you work in Excel, the more efficient you become. You can use effective features to execute all complex tasks. This not only makes your day-to-day easier but sets you apart as an employee who works quickly and accurately—all things that don't go unnoticed in a performance review, especially when a higher position becomes available within the workplace.

Make Your Job Easier and Enjoyable

There's a saying that goes, “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.” In your office, let advanced Microsoft Excel serve as your assistant. Our advanced Excel program helps you complete tasks faster and better than ever before by building up your arsenal of techniques.

For instance, advanced Excel allows you to quickly get accurate results by using all the data crunch, formulas, and functions in the spreadsheet. In just a few minutes, you can analyze data by creating an appropriate table and chart. In short, advanced Excel tools help you solve complex problems, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your job more attentively. This support allows for my flexibility, creativity, and employee satisfaction. 

For Employers

A Worthy Investment

Many businesses these days are branching out in specialties, offering a one-stop-shop to meet a variety of consumer needs. This means teams are working towards a variety of goals, often not communicating regularly or at all. Some businesses, however, offer one service and continue to function towards a singular unifying goal.

Both types of business depend on supply, collection, financial transaction accounts, and report preparation. All of these are done by using a simple thread, or spreadsheet. Excel is just one application available within a vast network of productivity software offered through Microsoft Office. It provides you perfect data analysis and reports. 

Read further to discover how advanced Excel knowledge helps an organization to improve its business developments. We provide Excel corporate training for companies across the country to help them create a more powerful and satisfied workforce.

Industry Standard Software

Reinforcing your workforce with advanced Excel knowledge is how you pour in smarter solutions for current problems in your company. Equipping your employees with Excel skills is a worthwhile investment now for dynamic growth later. 

Ways to Use Advanced Excel

As a sales executive, you need to present user-friendly reports with basic calculations, total sales, averages, margins with excellent dashboards, controlled reports, and data visualization. As a finance executive, you should know Excel to: arrange a standard formulated report, create simulations, and chart analysis data by using its specific finance function. It is built-in at PMT, IPMT, SLN, PPMT, and so on. On the other hand, an engineer needs to project figures, quantities, calculations, and utilize VLOOKUP. They depend on built-in-functions like Convert, COS, SIN, and TNT functions. These are just a few examples of how Excel supports a company. Once you unlock its potential, everyone benefits. 

Utilize Human Resources

As a manager, you should aim not only for project growth but employee growth as well. There is always room for improvement. Successful managers encourage innovation and exploration, and what better way to do so than through acquiring new skills? Advanced Excel offers the familiarity of Excel, but the excitement of more complex, powerful functions. In order to compete in the market, your team needs to be up-to-date on the latest technologies and methodologies. Don’t wait to catch up on trends; be a leader and arrange for corporate Excel training now. 

Create a Plan for the Future

Your employees will become more independent with advanced Microsoft Excel training. This creates a work environment of confident, self-motivated employees needing less guidance. Use this momentum to plan for your company’s future. As employees automate and streamline their workflow, they can dedicate more time to feedback, and thus improvements. 

Safe and Secured Tools for Information Savings

All business organizations want to maintain the protection of business data. Data protection is the main concern of them. No institution wants the information and Data of the governing council to be leaked outside. That's why, using the Microsoft Office program, you can protect the company's valuable data. Microsoft Excel can save files with a password that is limited to you and the given executives. So this important tool you can use to protect your organization's information.

Proper Analysis and Website Creation

Advanced Excel training is a very effective way of creating a website for any organization since it can easily manage its functions through data compilation. Advanced Excel offers the power of easy-to-use table creation, accurate data analysis, quick sorting, and filtering technique. All of these practical tools help to develop a website.

Viewpoint of Collaboration

Office 365 is the cloud-based form of Microsoft Office, allowing for access to the powerful suite of productivity tools while on the go. This also means colleagues can collaborate on the same document with ease by plugging their work into the Google Drive online system. More eyes on a project mean less room for mistakes and greater opportunities for enhancement.

As a result, organizations often share worksheets amongst different teams in order to complete tasks such as including additional data formats, changing formulas, and combining/dividing data. All in one document! So much easier than printing out copies and passing along an interoffice envelope back-and-forth, forever.

Make Use of Pre-Existing Assets to Get Quick Training

Managing work is significantly easier with Microsoft Office software. Businesses around the world depend on Microsoft Office. It exists on all PCs and is a household name. Indeed, it would be highly unusual for any professional to be unfamiliar with the software.

Therefore, if you want to improve the efficacy of your staff, start by improving upon something they already know: Excel. Advanced Excel utilizes the same straightforward, user-friendly interface of basic Excel, but with the benefit of several new techniques for automation and data analyzation. 

The Way to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employees who are trained periodically, in general, feel more excited about work. When work remains the same with no room for growth, then they will try to go somewhere else. It is notable that employees usually don’t feel inclined to leave a job where they get the opportunity to develop professionally. Corporate training is a popular way for companies to not only improve productivity but to maintain employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Advanced Microsoft Excel Classes

As an office assistant, it is not enough to know some features of Excel. So, if you like to see yourself as a skilled worker, you need to familiarize yourself with Excel’s many tools. Keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, customization, creating smart and attractive presentations—these are all encompassed under the umbrella of necessary Excel knowledge. Learning all of these Excel skills by yourself can be daunting, but training with like-minded individuals can get you to where you need to go in a short amount of time. 

Advanced Formulas in Spreadsheet and Google Sheet

In the Microsoft Office Excel course, you learn how to use the formulas list and smartly handle them during data entry and calculation. Without this operation, Excel is only used for basic data input. The difference between a basic Excel user and an advanced one, however, can not be more clear. For instance, a person with basic knowledge should be able to use simple SUM or IF formulas, whereas an expert should be able to use advanced functions such as INDEX, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, MATCH, and LOOKUP. Our advanced Excel course not only teaches you these functions but guides you through knowing when to combine them for maximum efficiency. 

How to use Data, Power Query, Tables & Formatting Technique

Advanced Excel courses teach how to collect, structure, and present data in a powerful way by using power queries, tables, formatting, and cell styles. As a result, advanced users can easily create and access Excel workbooks as well as gather and change the data shapes.

Create Conditional Formatting in Excel Sheet

The Excel conditional formatting formula is used based on another cell. This is a powerful feature that can be used to sort Excel data by highlighting a specific condition. The advanced Excel course teaches students how to create formulas, as well as how to combine data sources that meet excel conditional formatting formulas in multiple conditions.

How to use Graphs and Charts

Students in the advanced Excel course learn how to prepare graphs and charts with ease. Not only that, they learn how to analyze massive spreadsheets, and in order to create optimal data visualizations. 

Pivot Tables & Pivot Report Creating Abilities

All advanced training begins with the basics. Usually, tables are a basic Excel feature. However, not all tables are built the same, nor do they serve the same purpose. Advanced Excel tables are used to analyze significantly more data than a basic table. Advanced Excel can do this work by preparing pivot tables and reporting with just a few clicks, allowing for interactivity and greater scope when analyzing. 

Using Macros in Excel VBA

Excel has its own language called VBA, which allows you to automate daily tasks. This is called macros or macro record. An advanced Excel user familiar with VBA can save a lot of time and money by utilizing macro records to enhance Excel performance. In our advanced Excel training, you will be taught how to apply this simple and very powerful way to save time on your daily work and improve your skills. Students likewise learn about Micros, which determines the level of macro security against any virus.

In Summary

Mastery of Excel means sophisticated spreadsheets. Sophisticated spreadsheets mean an opportunity for deeper understanding and more dynamic data analysis. Any company handling enormous amounts of data—big data—would be amiss to not invest in advanced Excel training. 

On an individual level, professionals can set themselves apart by acquiring advanced skills. They can even take this knowledge and apply it towards updating guidelines for publications or becoming an Excel instructor themselves. 

Our Excel training is open to students of all levels. We offer private training, classroom training—both remote and in-person—and corporate training, both on-site and at offices in Midtown. Join us live online from Chicago or have us at your offices in Chicago for corporate training in Excel.

Various Use Cases for Excel 

Microsoft Excel holds the fundamental features of all spreadsheets and has a battery of supplied functions that can be applied to statistical, engineering, and financial needs.

Excel is used widely nowadays for calculations in business, research, academic studies and a lot more to replace manual calculations. Due to its speed, accuracy in calculations, Pivot Table and graphing functionality, Excel has become the professional standard in offices across the globe to manage large amounts of data.

Every year MS Excel upgrades new features so that users continue to trust its reliability and consistency. It becomes an amazing tool for various business tasks, complex scientific calculations, finance, analysis, data management, and billing.

Following are some applications of Excel in various settings:

Microsoft Excel for Accounting

Excel works seamlessly for budget plans, forecasts, expense tracking, financial reports, and loan calculators, with 89% of companies use Excel spreadsheets for its important accounting functions, according to a study by Marketo. In addition, Excel holds various spreadsheet templates that make these projects even easier.

Excel allows you to import information from many data sources, which is particularly advantageous for accounting as you may pull sales records, banking information, and invoices from many sources into one crucial workbook to help your accounting activities.

Microsoft Excel in Business

Small and large businesses cannot live without Microsoft Office, and particularly without Microsoft Excel. Excel is used in a variety of ways in business enterprises as many institutions use Excel spreadsheets for generating memos, tracking sales trends, managing budgets, calculating expenses, and managing other business data.

Great and simple features of Excel such as filters, charts, conditional formatting, Pivot Tables, and logical and financial formulas can make day-to-day operations faster and more accurate. As mentioned above, Excel has the added benefit of having many valuable templates to reduce the amount of time and effort to get going on certain business projects. You can also create your own templates for later use, which may be helpful if you create similar reports frequently.

Microsoft Excel in Data Analysis

Data analysis is considered a vital task for business owners and employees, and MS Excel is an important data analysis tool. Microsoft Excel application affords extraordinary value for business owners and customers. Business owners need it for monitoring internet site visitors, inventory, client evaluations, marketing campaigns, consumer conduct, and events. Excel also offers a data analysis toolpak for more advanced users for a wide array of statistical analyses.

Microsoft Excel for Secure File Storage

Excel can also be used to store secure and confidential files as it offers a way to password-protect files. People can save their confidential information within the MS Excel for information storage and secure sharing with password protection. 

Microsoft Excel for Career Development

Knowledge of Microsoft Excel is helpful in many stages of your career, too. If you are looking for a job, Excel knowledge can especially advantageous. Excel is a commonly sought after skill in the job market and advanced Excel skills can help you stand out from the pack. MS Excel skills can also enable you to advance further in your job as these skills can increase efficiency and output at work.

Microsoft Excel for Expense Management

Managing expenses is another key use case for MS Excel as you can use spreadsheets to keep track of expenses and categorize them. Using Pivot Tables and charts, you can get a clearer picture of what your larger expenses are, which can also inform your spending decisions in the future.

Microsoft Excel in Education

Teachers can use MS Excel for seating arrangements, grade calculations, curriculum management, and more. Students can use Excel to convert raw data into meaningful information and can do calculations faster and more easily with Excel. 

Microsoft Excel for Time Logs

Managing and tracking time can be a massive asset to you and your usefulness. MS Excel presents several useful features and tools to help meet that need. There are a handful of templates out there to get started and you can always build out your own templates for future use.

Why Live Online Training is Better than On-Demand Classes

There are a whole host of options for training these days including in-person training, Live Online Training, and on-demand training. While on-demand classes can be a great option for those with tricky schedules who are looking for self-paced learning, there are some clear advantages to Live Online training.

#1 Accountability

The biggest advantage of on-demand learning is also its biggest pitfall, self-paced learning. We like to think that if we are given the resources that we will be able to have the discipline to go through all the materials in a thorough way on our own, but we are human. There are more free resources available online than ever before, but we still find ourselves looking for classes, tutors, and other methods of learning.

Being in a class with a teacher or other students keeps us accountable to show up every time and do the work that is required. According to one source, the eLearning abandonment rate is around 85% which means that 85% of people who start an online course do not complete it. If you want to make sure you stick with your learning plan and get the skills you need, go for Live Online training.

#2 Interactivity

Live Online training offers interactivity that on-demand classes do not, with other students as well as the instructor. In on-demand classes, you are on your own which is often not an ideal way to learn things. With Live Online training you have an instructor there virtually and other students in the class. This gives you the ability to ask questions, get feedback, and collaborate with others.

The lack of instructor help may also drive elearning abandonment because people get stuck and without help give up. In Live Online training, you can ask questions, have the instructors review a topic, or get help completing the exercises. 

#3 Liveliness & Community

Along with interactivity and getting help from others, Live Online classes also add a bit of liveliness that makes the class a bit more interesting. Sitting at home working on a self-paced course with a recorded instructor can be fairly boring, but with Live Online training, you get to listen to a live instructor with fresh and up-to-date material. You also get to see other students online and hear the questions they have. Live Online classes bring a sense of community to the class and students can communicate with one another and build networks.

There are many benefits to Live Online training and for many people, it can be a better alternative to on-demand training. Get lots of the benefits of in-person training from the comfort of your home and feel free to wear your pajamas. Join us live online from Chicago for interactive and affordable Excel training.