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Learn Excel Live Online from anywhere in the country at New York's top-rated Excel training company. We currently offer Live Online training from anywhere in the country. For corporate training, we will come to your office anywhere in the country. Master Excel from beginner to advanced in our hands-on Excel classes loved by thousands.

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Drive team performance and efficiency with NYIM's industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes in Live Online or create a custom training program onsite.

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This class was absolutely great. I've been in Finance for 5 years and learned things today!

attended Advanced Excel for Financial Modeling

Gives a pretty good foundation for those who are a long way from ever being a programmer!

attended Excel Programming with VBA

High-quality VBA training in Excel--I've taken a couple of classes, and this was by far the best--Garfield was an excellent instructor--patient, clear, and helpful. Course content felt well thought out and organized-- a nice mix of working on mapped exercises to work on discrete skills with some room to work on any problems or concerns or thoughts you might have brought to class. The supplement files/exercises provided for post-class work are solid as well. I've received a greater amount of content from some places, but the files and materials here were much more workable and better-organized.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

I recently took an excel VBA Class here and it was extremely helpful! The first day was a bit of a refresher, but then the class really picked up! The instructor was extensively knowledgeable and passionate about the subject! Additionally, they were ready and willing to answer all student questions and emphasized the importance of us all being on the same page, so no one felt left out. The location is also very close to Penn station, which is a definite plus if you are traveling by train!

attended Excel Programming with VBA

I had an amazing experience doing private training for Excel for Finance. I learned all the practical applications for the formulas I'm expected to know at my new job - I feel great and super confident at work with my new skills! Very patient and knowledgeable instructor too.

attended Advanced Excel for Financial Modeling

I took a private Excel class at NYIM, and it was excellent. The trainer, Mourad, prepared a very good class outline that taught me many useful tools. During our time together, Mourad was patient and changed the direction as he determined what my greatest needs were. I will be taking more classes with NYIM and highly recommend them.

attended Advanced Excel for Financial Modeling

I don't even know what else Saba could have done to make the class better - she was so on point and really interesting.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

Thank you for the session! It was really helpful and I've learned a lot from Joe.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

Saba really knows her stuff! Lively attitude kept things interesting. She was very interactive and engaging us in the class.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

Saba made the class non- intimidating and informative due to her casual approach, teaching from the basics forward and her helpfulness with every little question. I did like that the class was small and hands on with computers.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

This course exceeded my expectations.Saba is a great instructor! She answered all my questions and went beyond to link it to real life examples.

attended Excel Programming with VBA

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11 Students rated our Excel Classes Live Online classes 5 stars


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Why Live Online Training is Better than On-Demand Classes

There are a whole host of options for training these days including in-person training, Live Online Training, and on-demand training. While on-demand classes can be a great option for those with tricky schedules who are looking for self-paced learning, there are some clear advantages to Live Online training.

#1 Accountability

The biggest advantage of on-demand learning is also its biggest pitfall, self-paced learning. We like to think that if we are given the resources that we will be able to have the discipline to go through all the materials in a thorough way on our own, but we are human. There are more free resources available online than ever before, but we still find ourselves looking for classes, tutors, and other methods of learning. Being in a class with a teacher or other students keeps us accountable to show up every time and do the work that is required. According to one source, the eLearning abandonment rate is around 85% which means that 85% of people who start an online course do not complete it[1]. If you want to make sure you stick with your learning plan and get the skills you need, go for Live Online training.

#2 Interactivity

Live Online training offers interactivity that on-demand classes do not, with other students as well as the instructor. In on-demand classes, you are on your own which is often not an ideal way to learn things. With Live Online training you have an instructor there virtually and other students in the class. This gives you the ability to ask questions, get feedback, and collaborate with others. The lack of instructor help may also drive elearning abandonment because people get stuck and without help give up. In Live Online training, you can ask questions, have the instructors review a topic, or get help completing the exercises.

#3 Liveliness & Community

Along with interactivity and getting help from others, Live Online classes also add a bit of liveliness that makes the class a bit more interesting. Sitting at home working on a self-paced course with a recorded instructor can be fairly boring, but with Live Online training, you get to listen to a live instructor with fresh and up-to-date material. You also get to see other students online and hear the questions they have. Live Online classes bring a sense of community to the class and students can communicate with one another and build networks.

There are many benefits to Live Online training and for many people, it can be a better alternative to on-demand training. Get lots of the benefits of in-person training from the comfort of your home and feel free to wear your pajamas. 

Learn Excel from NYC's top Excel training company with Live Online training. See the location class page to sign up for Live Online in your location: