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Data Analytics Corporate Training

Equip your team with the skills to analyze, summarize, and visualize data. Create a program onsite at your location, or send employees to our group classes in Manhattan.

Flexible Data Analytics Training

  • Live online training from anywhere
  • Onsite training at your location
  • Discounted vouchers for group classes
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SQL & Databases

Learn database fundamentals and the SQL programming language to analyze data. We offer training in SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

SQL Level I | 8 Hours

This course covers the fundamentals of relational databases, Microsoft SQL Server, and the SQL database language. Begin writing SQL code, including SELECT statements. Learn to sort, filter, and format data and produce reports based on your queries.

SQL Level II | 8 Hours

Master views, subqueries, logic statements, and data conversions in this hands-on SQL course. Combine advanced SQL functions with fundamentals like inner and outer joins to proof your work.

SQL Level III | 8 Hours

Gain the skills to begin a career in database management. Master advanced SQL processes and controls, and create stored procedures and temporary tables.

PostgreSQL Bootcamp | 18 Hours

Explore, modify, and export data from databases in PostgreSQL. Learn foundation concepts like tables, data types, and queries, and advanced techniques like join statements, subqueries, and stored procedures. 

MySQL Bootcamp | 18 Hours

Explore, modify, and export data from databases in MySQL. Learn foundational concepts like tables, data types, and queries, and advanced techniques like join statements, subqueries, and stored procedures. 

Data Visualization

Create visualizations and data representations in Tableau or PowerBI.

Tableau Level I | 7 Hours

In this course, you will be introduced to the field of data visualization and the various tools Tableau Public offers. Through concepts and exercises, you will learn to identify datasets to connect to, explore, analyze, filter and structure your data to create your desired visualizations.

Tableau Level II | 7 Hours

Dive further into Tableau tools and customization of your visualizations. You will learn to create a variety of maps to represent your geographic data and build actions to control your visualizations within your sheets and dashboards.

Excel & VBA

Master a key tool used by across a variety of industries to analyze data and create graphs, charts, and reports.

Excel for Business Fundamentals | 7 Hours

Learn all the basics to use Excel as your primary data processing tool. Create charts and tables, get started with formulas and functions, and format and print your output. 

Intermediate Excel for Business | 7 Hours

Go from beginner to experienced professional: summarize data with Pivot Tables, write advanced functions including VLOOKUP, and learn techniques to expedite your workflow.

Advanced Excel for Business | 7 Hours

Become an Excel guru in this hands-on advanced training. You'll make functions more flexible, take Pivot Tables to the next level, automate tasks with macros, and learn advanced analytical tools.

Excel Programming with VBA | 16 Hours

Learn the fundamentals of VBA, Excel's programming language, in project-based training. This VBA course concentrates on the automation of repetitious Excel tasks and reports.


Train your analysts in the fastest growing programming language, Python, to harness the power of big data, perform regression analysis, automate tasks, and create predictive models.

Python for Data Science Bootcamp | 30 Hours

Learn the fundamentals of Python and object-oriented programming in this 5-day intensive course.  You'll gain a solid understanding of Python, with a strong emphasis on using libraries and frameworks for data science.

Python Machine Learning Bootcamp | 30 Hours

Take a step beyond normal programming, into using algorithms that can independently learn patterns and make decisions. Machine learning skills are in high demand, as these algorithms now run the majority of trading on Wall Street and the product recommendations at big companies like Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix.

Python for Automation | 6 Hours

Learn Python to extract data from websites. Along the way, you’ll learn how to write loops so that your web scraping code can process a large number of pages.

Python in a Day | 6 Hours

Get started with Python programming: data types, conditional statements, loops, functions, and object-oriented programming. Learn how Python is used for web development, data science, and more. 


Learn the tools to conduct statistical analysis, including regressions, significance tests, correlations, and more.

SPSS Essentials Private training | 6 Hours

Learn to create a data file and enter data, conduct preliminary analyses, use graphs to describe and explore the data, manipulate the data, check the reliability of a scale, apply correlations, conduct significance tests, and perform regression analysis.

Introduction to SPSS for Data Analysis (Private Training) | 6 Hours

This course introduces how to present, analyze and interpret data using the statistical analysis software package SPSS. In virtually every field of work, being confident and competent in analyzing data and drawing conclusions is extremely helpful. You'll learn to develop those skills using SPSS.

Intermediate SPSS (Private Training) | 6 Hours

This is an intermediate level course designed to introduce students to advance techniques used in data analysis and database management. Focus is placed on the use of scripts, the appropriate use of parametric and nonparametric tests, regression analysis and Decision Trees. The incorporation of these techniques will provide the tools necessary to perform sophisticated analysis and management of data.

Introduction to R for Statistical Analysis | 14 Hours

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to R, the environment for statistical computing and graphics. Statistical analysis will be performed through the graphic user interface called RCommander. The focus of the course will be on getting familiar with the R environment, to use R for manipulation and exploration of data, and to perform simple statistical analyses.

Onsite at Your Location

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  • Flexible scheduling

Group Class Vouchers

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Private Training at NYIM

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SQL Level 1 is a great course to introduce you to writing SQL queries. Starting with the basics, by the end you will understand complex queries with inner or outer joins. Peter was our instructor and his customized course material is very well laid out with practical examples. You work on a local sample database, so you can type notes and test your queries to better understand the output you get.

Martie B.

Why Choose NYIM for Data Analytics Training?

For over two decades, NYIM has delivered the highest-caliber corporate training programs in NYC. Our programs feature custom curriculum, comprehensive support materials and videos, pre-class assessments, and top instructors. With the most running Data Analytics group classes scheduled in Manhattan, your employees have abundant scheduling choices.

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Custom Training Curriculum

Call us for a free consultation and we’ll create a custom curriculum catered to your learning objectives and industry-specific requirements.

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Comprehensive Support Materials

Learning does not end when the instructor goes home. Trainees receive handouts, certification exam guides, and access to our premium training videos to help support and reinforce what they’ve learned throughout the training.

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Learn from Top Industry Professionals

Study under experts who work on Wall Street and in Fortune 500 companies. We hire accomplished professionals with real-world experience and a talent for teaching the techniques and tools they use every day.

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Flexible Scheduling

Train your team on your schedule — we’ll work around you. For voucher progams, our courses are scheduled frequently on weekdays, weeknights, and weekend so your employees can choose the time that works best.

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Onsite Corporate Training at Your Location

Our corporate customers can choose the most convenient location to hold their training, whether at our Midtown office, your office, or a conference or other designated space. If you decide to conduct training at our corporate office, team members don’t need to bring any materials. Our Midtown training center includes a modern computer lab with individual computers for each student.


Corporate Training in New York City

NYIM is happy to offer onsite corporate training to companies in the following areas: Brooklyn, Bronx, Jersey City, Long Island, Manhattan, Newark, and Queens. Our instructor will travel to your location and deliver onsite training at no additional cost.


Corporate Training Anywhere in the USA

We can deliver training onsite in Boston, Philadelphia, Stamford, and any location in the United States for an additional charge. Our instructors can provide training at company retreats, conferences, and satellite offices. Please contact us to discuss your needs for an onsite training session.


Group Class Vouchers

Purchase group class vouchers for your team members and save time during the workday. Employees can attend our regularly scheduled classes offered weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. We provide volume-based discounts on our group class vouchers.

For large voucher orders, we can provide a custom online portal with your company’s branding that gives your employees a quick and easy way to sign up for courses. This also allows you to choose which courses are available to employees and see information such as the number of vouchers available and individual student signup details.


Private Training at NYIM

We provide private one-on-one training for individuals or small groups that need to learn a specific technique or software program. Start with a two-hour session and take as much time as you need.

Private training at NYIM is held at our central location in Midtown Manhattan. Take advantage of our modern computer lab, no need to bring your own computers or supplies. We’ll create a custom curriculum based on your needs or you can choose one of the many courses we offer. Scheduling is flexible, our instructors are available on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends.